The press release playground

Sketches of simple and crazy ideas to reinvent the good ol' press release

The social media press release hasn't changed much in the past years. With these sketches we're exploring new interactive possibilities to improve the way that stories of brands are shared with media and online influencers.

How about a live video chat with the press contact? If the spokesperson or PR manager is online, visitors of the release can start a video chat to get more info.

How about the ability to rate press releases? This way influencers can easily show flacks what they like and don't like.

How about being able to see who's also reading your press release? It could create a sense of urgency.

How about being able to show straight on a news release that you're interested to cover it? Anyone can see who's going to write about it.

How about letting readers make comments in the press release? If things aren't clear they can easily ask the PR contact for more info. Or the team can add extra content as the story progresses.

An attempt to get rid of press release S.O.S (sending out shit). A feedback loop for the people receiving the email. They can tell the PR pro what they're actually interested in.

Share your ideas

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Why are we making these sketches?

With Prezly we're dedicated at improving the way PR professionals share their stories with media and online influencers. These ideas are just a next step to improve our PR service.

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