Balsamiq makes it easy to download everything you need

A no-nonsense, everything-you-need press page from Balsamiq. Like BillFixers, Balsamiq shows its full hand as soon as you land on the page, making it easy to download everything you need without having to navigate menus.

You can see they've tried to tackle the potential problem of including too little information by including a "talking points" section, which jumps into the key areas of their business and product to suggest some angles that the visiting journalist might want to cover.

This is a nice touch, but it's worth remembering that not all journalists appreciate being told what to write about. For a bit of insight, have a watch of Episode 5 of

PR Roundtable: How writers want to be pitched

. In it, we speak with two freelance journalists in the tech and lifestyle fields and cover some valuable topics, including the biggest turn-offs when it comes to media pitches and downloadable assets. Check it out!

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