Your influencer communication toolkit just got better

Prezly adds CRM options for Public Relations profesionals

Thursday, October 9, 2014 — The Prezly team collaborated with Public Relations teams to improve influencer relations tools. Over the the past weeks they interviewed many clients: smart people at PR agencies, in-house PR teams and spokespeople. The team asked for how they could provide technology to improve the relationship with their stakeholders. Today, five improvements are ready based on customer feedback and requests.

Managing stakeholder relations is becoming increasingly difficult. There’s the traditional media, bloggers, internal and external influencers. And you don’t just want to blast generic messages at them. Using standard CRM’s, or worse, Excel linked with Outlook, just doesn’t cut it. There is a better way. Here are five new updates to the Public relations toolkit:

Know what your contacts are doing

On every contact page you’ll now see a realtime activity stream. It’s a chronological overview of all the actions your contact performed.

Some of the activities you see:

  • emails you or your team members have sent
  • comments/notes about your contact
  • engagement with your emails (opens, clicks)
  • visits on your press room or individual stories
  • press room searches, and the term the user searched for

Better way to pitch content: new template

Previously there were two distinct email templates in Prezly. First there was the press release summary that contains a preview of all the assets and multimedia, secondly a plain-text version to send out your pitches.

We got the feedback that the summarised email pitch looks a lot like a newsletter.

Starting from today we also offer a “hybrid” email template. This template let’s you start off your pitch with a normal (text) email under which Prezly will summarise the entire story including all the assets.

Media contacts on your pressroom

Every Prezly newsroom now includes an option to specify media contacts. These contacts will be published on your newsroom homepage. Each time you publish a press release you will have the option to quickly re-use or alter those contacts for that specific story.

Easily find contact details

Every time you see a contact in Prezly (when filtering contacts, composing emails or looking at reports) you can see contact details by moving your mouse over the avatar or name. This way you get a quick summary of the contact, without having to visit the contact page each time.

Smarter filters to find the right stakeholders

Our mission is to “get you out of Excel Hell“. Spreadsheets were not made to manage media lists, but they are good at one thing: filtering.

We are currently test-driving a new set of contact filters for some of our customers. These filters will allow you to very specifically find the contacts you are looking for. A few use cases we wanted to cover with those new filters:

  • Give me a list of all male contacts with the tag “Lifestyle” AND “Sports” who live in the UK
  • Give me a list of all journalists that write for The Economist what do not have the tag “Financial”
  • Give me a list of all female bloggers from the Excel file I just imported
  • Give me a list of all Spanish speaking journalists who live in Moscow

If you want to test the new filters drop us a message over at or using the chat functionality within Prezly.

Our stakeholder communication tool just got better

Frederik Vincx Co-founder at Prezly

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