The 101 PR tools of a senior communications director

Dave Sawyer of Zude PR shares his must-have tools for 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 — Five years ago, senior communications manager David Sawyer FCIPR was afraid of technology. Like many experienced PRs, he had the digital fear, and relied on his award-winning media relations skills to get him out of trouble.

Today, Dave is a different man.

Step by step he learned about SEO, inbound, analytics, design, and all things digital.

Now, he might just be the PR pro with the single biggest tool belt in the industry.

101 PR tools

Our team at Prezly asked Dave to share his PR stack. Little could we expect that he would send us a well-researched list of 101 communications tools. All neatly categorized and explained.

I’m not technical. 

But when it comes to my day job - digital PR - I embrace public relations tools and technology like a parched Foreign Legionnaire happening upon a desert oasis.

And the more I drink, the more thirsty I become. In fact, so comprehensive is my PR stack, I’m in danger of gorging myself on PR tool-water.

– David Sawyer,  Zude PR

There are already quite some epic PR tool lists out there, but none has this depth and clarity.

Get the full guide with 101 PR tools »

101 With David Sawyer
101 tools
Gijs Nelissen Co-founder, Tech/Sales at Prezly

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