Sidebars for better content management

Sidebars for better content management

Friday, January 13, 2017 — The Stories and Email campaigns tabs have been upgraded with a handy sidebar that makes finding and managing your content much easier. 

Lots of stories, big mess

Until recently, large teams with a lot of stories and email campaigns had some difficulties seeing the wood for the trees. Drafts piling up, embargoes, private, and public stories all mingled together. 

As it's our goal to make managing your content as easy and efficient as possible, we've released a new feature to bring some order to the chaos. 

Sidebars to the rescue

To help you manage your ever-growing content repository, we've introduced sidebars in the Stories and Email campaigns tabs. 

For Stories, the sidebar will help you to quickly find content based on:

  • publication status
  • language
  • author
  • the newsroom it's published in

For Email campaigns, you can now easily filter pitches based on:

  • their status
  • the newsroom they're sent from
  • their sender
Sidebar on Stories
Sidebar on Email campaigns