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Manage user access rights in Prezly

Thursday, May 12, 2016 — While openness and transparency are important when working in a team, it’s not always feasible to give everyone access to client and other data. Some clients might demand a certain level of non-disclosure, PR agencies can serve two competing brands, freelancers don’t necessarily need access to a company’s proprietary contact database,... There’s a legion of reasons for why not everyone should have unrestricted access to a brand’s data.

That’s why the Prezly team has put all efforts into building a user permissions system. From now on, you can define your team members’ access permissions in the Teammates section of your Prezly account.

Two types of permissions can be set.

  1. Operational user rights: block access to the contact database, billing, teammates settings.
    Use case: a company wants to let a freelancer create and publish a story. Contacts, however, are off-limits. With the user permissions, it’s easy to set that up.

  2. Newsroom access rights: block access to specific newsrooms, and allow access to others.
    Use case: an agency can give clients access to their newsroom, so that they can improve on and approve of story drafts. At the same time, that client will only be able to access their own room, not those of other clients.

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