Revealed: the world’s leading tech PRs’ top productivity tools

Revealed: the world’s leading tech PRs’ top productivity tools

How do high performing PR pro's get their job done? We asked some of the worlds leading tech PR experts about their top productivity tools.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 — The result is a practical overview with tools to inspire you to get better at your job.

The calibre of contributors is impressive. You can learn from senior in-house folks and agency founders from across Europe and North America. Applied MindsBateman GroupBrother,Burson MarstellerFreudsGoogleHotwireSamsungSparkpr, and 5WPR, to name but a few.

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5 takeaways

  • The winner, wasn’t around three years ago. Now it’s the world’s top tech comms pro’s’ favourite online tool. PR is moving with the times.
  • The top three tools are not PR-specific. They help you remember things, speed up research and version control, and help remote teams collaborate.
  • Of the 13 tools that post two votes or more, only three are built for PRs: ITDatabase; Prezly; and TrendKite.
  • Tech PR pro’s’ jobs are changing but media relations remains a key function.
  • Google is the real enabler (14 votes, if you count all its different bits).
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Frederik Vincx Co-founder, head of product at Prezly

How does Prezly work?

Manage all your stakeholders

Nurture and understand relationships using a CRM built for PR professionals.

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Publish your stories

Publish and share your story online through stunning newsrooms.

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Deliver your news

Send your story to media and online influencers via email and social media.

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