Revamped Content Management System

Thursday, September 6, 2012 — Power users spend an average of 15 hours per month using Prezly to connect to their contacts. That’s two full days of clicking around in our tool. Two full days of doing tasks that they probably rather wouldn’t do. To ease that pain we’ve been spending a lot of time with users to make the interface more efficient and pleasant. One of the first results that we’re launching is a better looking and more usable content management interface.

Better use of your screen space

One size no longer fits all. If you have a big screen you can see more content at once. Excellent if your are managing multiple press rooms for multiple clients.

A fresher look and feel

We made it big and bright and ditched the beige. These aren’t the seventies anymore. The content management system uses the fresh colors of the rest of the site and the typography is more expressive too.

Improved contact management

Now you can a save a lot more info about your contacts: language, address, telephone,.. And we’re just getting started here.

We're excited about this release. Some initial feedback was that people feel that their task is more enjoyable. We hope that will be the case for you to. Enjoy!