Prezly summer update: Mobile optimised, Contact Search & Merge

The Public Relations CRM launches new improvements

Monday, July 28, 2014 — While you are enjoying the Summer holiday and the lovely weather we have been working hard on our product. Here’s what we’ve been up to: 

  • Improved contact search
  • Contact merging
  • Mobile friendly CRM
  • New contact importer
  • Easy feedback options

Contact Search

Search for contacts from every page. Based on your query you’ll see the most important contact information (phone, email, organisation) and a shortcut to access the journalist or media record.

Contact Merge

Getting (and keeping) your contacts organised can become quite time consuming. With the ever changing media landscape you might find yourself having a hard time keeping up.

Remove duplicate contacts by merging two contacts into one, combining their info (notes, campaign history, tweets).

You’ll see suggestions of which contacts are likely to be duplicate. Use the contact overview and filter by “Duplicate” contacts to find and merge redundant contacts

Mobile ready

Want to find (and call) a phone number in your contact database from your smartphone ? Looking to share some notes with your colleges right after a lunch with a journalist ?

Starting from today your media database is optimised for mobile devices. Log in to your account from your smartphone of tablet and quickly call a phone number or store notes without breaking a sweat.

New contact importer

Importing your contacts into Prezly used to be a challenge. Now it’s much easier. Just add a spreadsheet and within minutes you’re up and running with a CRM and pitching tool built for PR.

Easy feedback/support

We take great pride in providing excellent support. We know time is money. That’s why, in case your subscription plan includes phone support, we always pick up the phone. And that’s why 94% of our support tickets get a reply within 15 minutes.

From now on you don’t even need to leave your browser to ask a question. Use the support button on top or click the small icon on the right bottom to send us a message. You can even include a screenshot incase you have a ran into a bug or have a product question.

Frederik Vincx Co-founder, user experience design, Prezly

How does Prezly work?

Manage all your contacts
Manage all your contacts

Find all your contacts and their information quickly.

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Publish your stories
Publish your stories

Create and publish your stories in stunning newsrooms.

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Deliver your news
Deliver your news

Bring your contacts and your stories together with targeted, trackable email.

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