Prezly launches a more flexible email campaign system

Save time sending targeted press releases with a dead simple email campaign flow

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 — It's easier than ever to pick exactly those journalists that you want to contact for that specific story.

In a poll last month Prezly customers chose their favorite new features. Many people wanted more control over the recipients that would receive an email about a press release. Instead of sending to the same lists they wanted to manage the recipients on a per campaign and press release basis. 

Flexible email campaign flow

Prezly now releases a more flexible campaign flow to all of its customers. So what’s new ? 

  • Add contacts from multiple recipient lists
  • Add individual contacts
  • Save the recipients in a new list
  • Cancel ‘scheduled’ email campaigns

Send again within the same campaign

Customers explained that often they needed to email press releases again to contacts that hadn't read it yet, or the users remembered afterwards that they had forgotten someone in the mailing. Now, it's possible to 'resend' emails with a click of a button and the recipients' behavior is added to your campaign statistics. 

On a roll helping PR teams get their stories told

The Prezly team is on a roll kicking out improvements and new features in record time. Our mission remains the same: make PR teams rock.

Screencast: distributing press release email campaigns

Composing the e-mail
Managing recipients
Sending the email again

How does Prezly work?

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