Prezly goes out of beta: pro plans are available

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 — Thank you beta tester. Thank you for trying out Prezly and for helping us improve the service. It has been over a year since we launched our beta testing and in that time we have radically improved the service in terms of speed, stability and possibilities. Thanks to your cooperation we now are ready to remove the beta flag and to present our professional subscriber plans.

As we told you before the core functionality of Prezly remains free. We will always offer you a free plan that allows you to create and track your press releases just like you are doing right now. For users who want to seize all the benefits of social media press releases we have created pro plans with extra functionality like:

  • Autoposting: automatically publish your press releases on your Twitter, Facebook or blogs.
  • Campaigns: distribute and track your press releases via email.
  • Multilanguage support: create your pressrelease in different language.
  • Domain mapping: incorporate Prezly in your own website.
  • Templates: have your press room in your own branding. If you decide to switch to a paying plan now, we'll do the styling for you, free of charge. This promotion is valid until the end of January. Contact us for more info about a custom template. 

You can read all the details about the subscription plans on our pricing page:

The story doesn't stop here. We have understood clearly that efficient contact management is a key factor for many of our users. Behind the scenes we have been working diligently on new functionality that will allow you to improve the way you manage and track your contacts. You can expect these and more improvements in the near future.

Follow the Prezly blog to stay up to date about our service and as always for feedback, suggestions hit reply or send us an email on

Prezly: upgrade to a paying plan

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