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Improving the way you manage your contacts

Improving the way you manage your contacts

See more information about your contacts, sort your contacts, a brand new interface, and mobile support.

A few weeks ago we started releasing a collection of updates to your Stories and Campaign lists, and a brand new centralised Pitches list. Today we are bringing many of those updates to your Contact List.

Preview of the New Contacts Interface
Preview of the New Contacts Interface

More information in your Contact list

This update comes with an improvement many of you have been waiting for. You can now see more information about your Contacts on the Contact List. Giving you a better overview and saving you time. With the new Contact List, you can view:

  • Photo, name, company and title
  • Primary Email Address
  • Phone number(s)
  • Twitter
  • Received, Opened, Clicked, Replied Stats
  • Created at date
  • Last modified dates

A new wide view

We did not stop with making more information readily available, we also introduced a way for you to see even more of your Contact List by making it possible to hide your Sidebar. Now you can view your Contacts at the full width of your browser.

😱A new way to view your contacts!
😱A new way to view your contacts!

Sort your contacts

You can now sort your Contacts. Change the order your Contacts are shown. Allowing you to see which of your contacts were created most recently, which were last updated, and much more. A new powerful tool to help you maintain your Contact List and understand your Contacts better.

Move between People and Organisations

We've made moving between the People and Organisations in your Contact Lists easier. In the left sidebar, you will now see three options at the top.

  • All Contacts - A combined list of people and organisations
  • People - Your contacts who are people
  • Organisations - Your contacts who are organisations.
Easily switch between People and Organisations.
Easily switch between People and Organisations.

New and Improved mobile support

And! We've continued our efforts to improve Prezly on mobile. You can now view your contacts on your mobile device better than ever.

Manage your contacts on mobile
Manage your contacts on mobile

We know you're going to love these updates because they are going to give you more time todo what you love - creating content and getting to know the people who will help build your brand.

We're releasing these changes over the next month, if you would like to be one of the first to receive these changes - Login to your Prezly account and send us a message with Intercom.

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