4 reasons journalists will think you’re awesome

Use the Prezly PR tool to connect with influencers. They'll be more inclined to cover your stories because:

They’ll recieve only stories they care about

You'll be able to understand what interests them because you've learned from the analytics and insights of your previous interactions via emails and press releases. You'll also know what’s on their minds when you pitch by automatically seeing what they shared on social media.

They won't get calls from you asking if they got your story

With the email analytics you'll be able to see if and when people opened your emails, clicked on the content or downloaded assets. You’ll know if they’ll be interested without having to bug them over the phone.

They'll receive layered stories in their inbox

They won't get bombarded by large emails with all your content. No more huge attachments. They'll be able to gauge if your story is interesting from an email pitch with lightweight media previews. If it's interesting, they'll be able to get the full story with high-resolution assets on your press room. And you'll see that in your analytics.

They'll receive personal emails

They won't receive mass emails that are obviously sent to a large number of journalists. You'll be able to write custom salutations for each journalist. They'll feel like you tailored the email for him or her.

What journalists say:

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