Creating a site media gallery

Showcase brand assets like logos, headshots, and product pictures


In this article, we'll cover how to upload downloadable site media for your visitors to see in your Site media gallery. Having a direct link to your brand logos, latest product images, and company pictures makes it much easier for the press to find and save high-res images when they cover your stories.

Creating site media for your sites

Prezly's Site Media gallery allows you to store multiple images and albums that are easily accessible by site visitors. 

1. Go to your site dashboard by clicking the site name under Sites.

2. Select Media galleries and click on Create gallery.

3. Once you click on "Select images," a handy window pops up where you can add your gallery name, description, and all your images, as well as an option to make the gallery viewable by the public. You can also drag and drop images into the placeholder.


💡 Pro tip: Learn more about how to upload and edit your images here.

Images can be added and edited in a gallery by clicking the gallery (once opened) and by clicking the "Edit" button in the gallery settings overlay.

A popup will open, and all images can be managed from there. You can also edit your image descriptions as well as rearrange images once uploaded in the gallery grid.

Your gallery albums will show up as a list on your Media gallery settings page. From here, you can see how many images are in each gallery, toggle them to public or private, and click each one to add, remove, or adjust images. You can also press the six dots on the left to rearrange your galleries.

Once you get to eight galleries, you'll have the option to search for your albums without having to scroll endlessly to find the content you need.


💡 Pro tip: Currently, we only support image files (PNG, JPG, GIF), but we plan on adding support for other file types in the near future. If you need anything specific, be sure to get in touch!

Adjusting the look and feel of your galleries

  • Change the layout
    Within your gallery, you have plenty of customizability options to change how your viewers see your assets. You can change the order, size of the images, and width of the spacing between images.
  • Edit album name and description
    You can easily edit the album name and title within the gallery.
  • Rearrange the images within the album
    Drag images in the grid to rearrange, and click 'add caption' under each image to add a caption. You can also click 'Randomise' in the gallery side panel to randomly change image order.
  • Preview
    Once created, click the "View gallery" to see what your images will look like to your audience.
BlockCollection - media galleries examples

Looking for best practice tips for setting up your Media gallery? Take a look at how IKEA organizes its albums by events, seasons, and collaborations. ​

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