Setting up a Hub site

Learn how to set up a site that showcases other sites

A hub site is a special purpose site available to Premium and Enterprise plans, that brings together content from your other sites into a single brand hub.

This can be helpful for PR agencies that want to create a portfolio of work across their clients or big enterprises that have multiple sites they want united under one convenient address.

We created this example to demonstrate how hub site might work:

Here, the Vent Airlines hub site unites the brand's main site, its partner site, its travel blog, and its darkroom – a private site set up for crisis communications that can only be accessed by direct link.

You can see that as well as linking prominently to each of these sites, we have also elected to include recently published stories in the hub site.

For an idea of how an agency might use hub sites, have a watch of this case study video from Oona.

Setting up your hub site

You can request to have a hub site via our support channel (add-on)

Create a site that you'd like to use as the hub site (or skip this step if you want to convert an existing site to a hub site) 

  • Make sure you select the same default languages for your hub site as you have for the sites you wish to include. You can have several default languages in your hub site
  • Email or via the in-app messenger at the bottom right, and let us know the URL of the site that you'd like to use as a hub site
  • Good to know 💡You can have more than one hub site for your account and we can even create a "hub of hubs"


[browser]D'Ieteren's hub site is home to the latest news from different brands, each with its own site
D'Ieteren's hub site is home to the latest news from different brands, each with its own site

Managing the site overview 

When the hub site function is activated, you can see the below section if you go to the Site tab > click Settings for the hub site you selected. 

This section will show an overview of all your sites that may be added into your hub site. Toggles are available for each site to:

  • switch whether to show in hub or not. 
  • switch whether to include stories in hub or not. Turning this on will cause the most recent stories of that site to be included in the hub site, under all the site logos. 


⚠️ A Hub site is considered a site on your subscription. Allocating one to your plan will take up one site in your allowance. For any questions regarding this, feel free to reach out to our Support Team. ⚠️


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