Setting up your Newsroom contacts

Add contact details to your Newsrooms so readers know how to reach you

You can add a press contact to your newsroom, by accessing the newsroom settings page.

Navigate to the Contacts section, where you can create new contact details that can be included both on the newsroom and in the stories you publish on that newsroom.

Under the Add new contact section, you can fill in all details about your press contacts and also add a profile picture to it (using the button Upload Avatar). 

💡If you have a newsroom with multiple languages, make sure you also select which languages your press contact is related to.  

After you've added your press contact details, click on the button Add new contact. 

You can also choose to show the contact on the Newsroom, which means the contact will appear on the newsroom homepage, under Contact us 

If disable the option Show on newsroom , you'll be able to use that contact information only in the stories. See how to add newsroom contacts to your Stories.

Editing & removing contact details

After you create your newsroom contacts, Prezly will display the list of contacts in the Contacts page. There you can click on the Edit button to update that contact information, or Remove to delete that press contact from your newsroom.