What happens if someone unsubscribed from your emails?

To comply with anti-spam laws and as a best practise, email campaigns sent through Prezly will have a small unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

How do unsubscribes work in Prezly?

If a recipient chooses to unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of an email campaign, they will be unsubscribed from the newsroom they received the email from. In case you have multiple newsrooms, your contacts will be unsubscribed only from the newsroom that the email campaign is linked to. This means that they will continue to receive emails from your other newsrooms if they haven't opted to unsubscribe from them.

What if my contact has several email addresses?

If a contact unsubscribes from your email campaign only from one of their email addresses, the unsubscribe will only be effective for that single email address.

For example, I have a contact named Klarissa and she has 3 email addresses linked to her contact profile in Prezly:




Klarissa received an email to klarissa@mail.com and opted to unsubscribe from any future email campaigns. This means that only one of her email addresses is unsubscribed, and the other two email addresses are not unsubscribed yet.

Unsubscribed contacts can not be added to future campaigns.

Contacts who have unsubscribed are prevented from being added to any new email campaign featuring a story linked to the newsroom from which they unsubscribed. In the case that a contact unsubscribed by mistake and has asked to be resubscribed, please see how to resubscribe a contact here.

🚦Important: Make sure the contacts you wish to resubscribe have granted you the permission to do so. Otherwise, this will increase the chances of your future emails to being marked as spam.


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