Why do I get the error "this subdomain is already used by another newsroom"?

Each newsroom URL can only be used once, but there are a few things you can do to resolve this

Rarely, you might get the warning "this subdomain is already used by another newsroom" when creating a newsroom. This warning means that someone else has previously created a newsroom with that name and URL.

If you are using the default Prezly domain, you are likely to run into this problem if you are creating a newsroom with a very generic name, e.g. press.prezly.com, or if you are working with a client who has had a Prezly newsroom in the past.

If this is the case, we can check whether that Prezly account and newsroom are still active, and put in a request to transfer the URL to your account. Whether or not this request is approved depends on the original owner of the newsroom.

An alternative solution would be for you to create a newsroom with a different name.

If you are using a custom URL on behalf of a client, it may be that they are already using that subdomain elsewhere. This is outside of our control and you should speak with your client about gaining ownership of that particular URL.