Making a newsroom private

Hide your newsroom from search engines so that only people who have the link can access it

By default, your Prezly newsrooms are public and appear in search results on platforms like Google. If you want to publish content that does not appear in public search results, you can easily do this by making your newsroom private in your settings.

This can come in handy if you have newsrooms with sensitive content, such as dark or crisis newsrooms.

Your newsroom's visibility settings

First, click on the little gear icon in your newsroom dropdown bar to access the settings for that newsroom:


In your Newsroom Settings, click on Advanced to access the visibility settings for that newsroom. Here you can toggle the Visibility of your newsroom to make your newsroom private.

In the below example, the newsroom's Visibility is set to private, so it will be hidden from Google and other search engines:


💡Pro Tip: If you want to make your newsroom public again, simply return to the same settings page and click on the toggle so it turns grey instead of green. 

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