Share your Newsroom in a particular language

Easily direct visitors to a translation of your Newsroom

Prezly allows you to set up your Newsroom in multiple languages. These Newsroom translations come with their very own URL slug, called a shortcode. These shortcodes allow you to share your Newsroom in the language you want.

Here is an example of the shortcode for Spanish, "/es", looks in a Newsroom URL:

For the full list of supported languages and their shortcodes, see the help article Supported languages in Prezly.

When you have multiple languages enabled for your Newsroom and those languages have stories published publicly, you will see a language switcher in the header of your Newsroom.

When you select a language from the switch, you will see the correct shortcode for that language appear in the URL bar.

⚠️ Note: Multilingual Newsrooms are available only as part of our Core, Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. For a full feature comparison, please see our pricing page.