Preventing your emails from being marked as spam

Learn more about enhancing the deliverability of your emails

Follow the rules of the game

  • Do not send emails to addresses unless you have permission to
  • ISPs often set up spam-catcher addresses, which look like ordinary email addresses, in order to lure spammers. Once you send an email to that address, your IP will be blacklisted.

Keep your email list clean

  • Regularly filter out and remove bounced email addresses from your email list. Sending to a lot of invalid addresses is marked as suspicious behavior by ISPs
  • You can view which contacts have bounced emails by using the filter "Bounced" in the filtering section

Keep your unsubscribed addresses in Prezly

We don’t count people who have unsubscribed as part of your total contacts

  • Keeping them in our system ensures that you won’t email them again by accident, and if you reimport them by accident, they’ll stay unsubscribed 
  • If you have other lists that you also use outside Prezly, be sure to remove your unsubscribed contacts from those lists, as well

Use a clear subject line

  • Vague or overly promotional subject lines increase your risk of ending up in the spam folder
  • Make sure your subject lines are clear, direct, and preferably brief
  • If you’re a brand or working for a brand, try using your brand name in the email’s subject line, too

Keep your sender name consistent

  • Send emails from the same sender name as much as possible. Inconsistent sender names are a red flag for ISPs

Taking these steps will improve your overall email deliverability rate and dramatically decrease the chances of your emails ending up in a spam folder


⚠️Note: If you’ve followed all the steps above and are still having trouble with email deliverability, feel free to send us a message at

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