Display Prezly feeds in your website with the Newsroom Widget

Learn how you can display links of your recent stories on your own website

We provide a Javascript widget for each newsroom, which allows you to integrate links to your stories on your website. It's as simple as copying and pasting two lines in your website code.

For more free-styled feeds, check out our JSON feeds feature

To find the widget for your newsroom, access your Newsroom settings page, and click on Widget & Embedding.

Follow the instructions located on that page, to configure and set the JS code of your newsroom widget.

Optionally, you can add a few extra parameters to customize which stories to display or how they should be displayed.

💡Pro Tip: See the list of language codes and the PHP documentation


Generates a list with 10 recent stories

Generates a list of 10 recent stories in English

Generates a list of 30 stories in English from the year 2015

Generates a list of recent stories with US date format

Add multiple widgets on one page with different parameters and containers