How to turn your newsroom into a digital press kit

Optimize your Prezly newsroom to act as a multimedia press kit for media contacts

The aim of a press kit is to arm the reader with everything they need to tell your story. Typically, a press kit will include:

  • Boilerplate
  • Team bios & quotes
  • Logo variants
  • High-resolution images
  • Videos & audio files (if relevant)
  • Contact information
  • Social links
  • Product/service fact sheet

These days, press kits (or media kits, if you prefer) tend to be hosted online because this helps you keep their content up-to-date and easy to access, without burdening your contacts with heavy email attachments.

There are a couple of ways you can create an online press kit with Prezly:

  1. Optimize your newsroom so that it also functions as a press kit
  2. Create a story (or stories) that function as a press kit

The benefits and instructions for each are set out below

1. Optimize your newsroom so that it also functions as a press kit

Prezly newsrooms are designed to incorporate different elements of the press kit. You can update each as follows:

  • Boilerplate, company contact details & social media links – once you set these in your newsroom settings, they will appear in the footer of each page of your newsroom. Read more
  • Newsroom contacts – you can create multiple contact profiles for each newsroom and choose whether these display on every page of your newsroom, or add them manually to individual stories. Read more
  • Logo variants & high-res images – create a dedicated media gallery within your newsroom to collect all your brand images in galleries like IKEA Belgium does, or embed these in individual stories. Read more
  • Videos, audio files, PDFs & other attachments – embed these as and when you like within your stories. Read more

Scroll down this newsroom example from Ubisoft to see how they make all their company information accessible via the newsroom footer:

Example: A brand's legacy in one Newsroom
A brand's legacy in one Newsroom


2. Create a story (or stories) that function as a press kit

You might want to take this approach if you need to store multiple press kits in one newsroom, for example:

  • When running multiple events or projects
  • If you want to have everything in a single page you can easily share, saving your reader from having to navigate your newsroom.

The good news is that this couldn't be simpler to set up. All you need to do is create a new story and populate it with your press kit content.

Because Prezly Stories support all types of embeds and content types, you can include copy, galleries, downloadable files, social posts, contact details – whatever you like.

Learn more about embedding media in stories

You can also choose to publish your press kit publicly, so that anyone visiting your newsroom can find it; or privately, so that only people you give the direct link to are able to view it. If you find yourself making lots of press kits, you could even make a (public or private) dedicated newsroom where they all can live.

For instructions on creating a story, click here. Here's an example of what your press kit story might look like:




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