Feature Labs

Feeling adventurous? Get early access & help us test out new features

Prezly Feature Labs provides anyone with a Core Plan or higher early access to new Prezly features before they're released more broadly. These features are ready to use, but are also still in development, which means your feedback can and will help shape what they do (or don't) become.

Go to the Feature Labs page in your Organization Settings to enable these features:

The features

Contact salutation

Contact salutation allows you to add a field to a contact profile that specifies how you want to address that person in an email campaign.

Example uses: Mrs, Mister, Mr, Mdm, Madame or Monsieur...

That field can then be used to personalize your email Campaigns.

Personalizing your email Campaigns
Personalizing your email Campaigns

Use dynamic content information to personalize your Email Campaigns

Personalization data can be imported through the contact importer or edited via the contact edit sidebar.

Mailbox integration

The mailbox integration feature allows you to link your mailbox to Prezly. After doing this, the contact profiles in your Prezly CRM will show any emails and replies sent between you and your contacts – even if those emails took place outside of Prezly.

And don't worry, you can exclude individual contacts – such as your boss or your mom – whose conversations you'd rather not make visible in your Prezly account.

Read more about mailbox integration:

Integrating your mailbox
Integrating your mailbox

Connect your mailbox to keep track of conversations with your contacts – even if they happened outside of Prezly

Please note that the mailbox feature is currently discontinued while we are exploring how to safely and easily connect to Google mailboxes.

Contact star ratings

Prezly star ratings is an automatic contact rating that scores the quality of your relationship with each Contact. The ratings are calculated based on open and click rates as well as browsing behavior for your Newsroom.

Read more about contact ratings:

Contact Ratings
Contact Ratings

How they are calculated and what you can do with them

Got an idea for a feature you'd love to see in Prezly? Let us know :)