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Embedding tables in your stories is now possible!

Find the brand new Table embed in the Story Editor and other improvements in the Stories feature

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New Table embed in the Story Editor

By default, when a Table embed is added, there are 3 columns and 3 rows, and the first row has a grey background for the column name. Using the Table settings menu, you can always add or remove rows and columns as you work on adding content to the table.

You can also copy and paste tables from Google Sheets, Excel, tables from other webpages, and more.


New layout for previewed and published stories

When stories are previewed or published, the header image is now displayed below the title, subtitle, and publish date (if this is switched on in your Themes settings). This update helps you make sure that stories' titles and subtitles are not hidden by header images, and saves your visitors time on having to scroll down to start reading!


New way to add content between blocks in the Story Editor

We've added a new way of adding new content and paragraphs above or below blocks and embeds in the Story Editor, and you can easily do this with your cursor (e.g. above image embeds, below tables, etc) – no magic keyboard shortcuts or anything!


Updated the Story published modal

The new UI of the modal has an X button, allowing users to close the modal to continue editing their story, as well as an updated description that adds more emphasis on creating a campaign, while also giving users the option to create a pitch with the story.


Other updates you may have noticed recently!

  • NEW: Story Editor content synchronization
    Any changes made to stories by teammates can now be seen in real-time – the first step towards fully collaborative editing
  • IMPROVEMENT: Updated and reordered list of embeds in dropdown
    The list of embeds now starts with suggestions for most commonly used embeds
  • NEW: Updated videos in our Help Center
    Updated the quick-start video: How to use Prezly that can be shared with new team members getting started with Prezly, as well as the site settings video to include our newest themes: Set up your site in 5 mins


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