Copy + paste content from Word docs

Quick updates and some tips for promoting a visual brand ✨

November 11 2020

Copy + paste content from Word documents

Save time on copying text from Word docs and uploading images one-by-one into your Stories, Email Campaigns, or Pitches!

When you paste content that is copied from a Word document, all the images, headings, bullet-point lists will stay in place, meaning you won't have to make any formatting adjustments once your content is pasted in Prezly.




Copying + Pasting into the Story Editor is here!

You can now copy and paste content from other sources straight into the Story Editor.

When pasting content from a webpage, a Google Doc, or a Word file, Prezly tries its best to keep the text, bullet points, formatting (bold, italics, underline, subscript, or superscript), images, and links in place. 


Oh, you may also have noticed our new loading placeholder. 👀

When uploading images, galleries, or videos to your Stories, Email Campaigns, and Pitches, you can now see the progress of the upload. We added this to help you make sure that your multimedia are added to your emails successfully. 💯



How 1 comms hero took an international design brand from geek to chic

When it comes to boosting awareness of a visual brand, you need to share your visually engaging products in a visually pleasing way, and in doing so, give your media and journalists contacts access to all the rich-media assets they need. 

"That's everything a journalist needs right there.' The easier you can make it for them the better."

Want to learn more about what Wallsauce does to get people talking about the latest their trends? Read on to find out here




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