Contact Enrichment

The extra information Prezly finds about your contacts

After importing contacts into Prezly, our system automatically finds additional information (if any) from search engines about your contacts and will suggest for that information to be added to their Contact Profiles.

Prezly searches for social network profiles, personal and corporate websites, as well as addresses, among other pieces of contact information that you might find useful to have in your contacts database.

🚦Contact Enrichment is only available on our Premium and Enterprise plans


To access the complete list of contacts for which Prezly has found additional information, go to your Contacts page. Click on Filter > Enrichment > Yes.


This will show you a full list of contacts from your contacts database that Prezly has marked as Enriched. Whenever you see a light bulb icon on your contact, this means that there is additional information about that contact that you can add to their profile.


You can easily add the extra information to a contact's profile by clicking on the contact, and in the Contact Preview page click on the "Add to Profile" button(s), located under the We found this information section.


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