Embed tables into your stories

Using the Tables embed or copying and pasting tables into the story editor

Using the Table embed

When creating tables in the story editor from scratch, choose Table from the list of embeds:


By default, when a Table embed is added, there are 3 columns and 3 rows, and the first row has a grey background for the column name. Using the Table settings menu, you can always add or remove rows and columns as you work on adding content to the table.



Copying and pasting a table from another sheet

You can also copy and paste tables from Google Sheets, Excel, tables from other webpages, and more.

Selection copied from Google Sheets
Selection copied from Google Sheets
Columns and rows pasted into the story editor

What are tables good for?

Having a table in your story is great for clearly presenting quantitative or informational data in your stories.

Examples of uses for tables include:

  • Company contact information
  • Yearly financial data
  • Website traffic and visitor data
  • Monthly newsletter signups
  • Tracking fundraiser donations

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