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We're adding site themes to Prezly ✨

We're adding site themes to Prezly ✨

Themes to build your sites on and other quick tips for doing more with Prezly ;)

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Stylish site themes fit for any industry

With Prezly sites "Branding" settings, you can easily set up brand-aligned sites, all in a matter of clicks, and we've seen you make it happen! But we realized that getting started with Prezly and creating a brand new site can be a little overwhelming sometimes, so we thought we'd build something that would give you a headstart.

Well, get ready – we've created three new themes and you can be one of the first Prezly users to give them a try!

Want to get involved? Let us know or click on the link below 👇


Use Prezly Stories to create content other than press releases

There is actually much more you can do to make the most out of Prezly's Stories feature.

With the multimedia embeds and formatting options available in the Story Editor, all Prezly users can create more than just press releases. Why not try using the editor as an Instagram bio link tool, for creating shareable how-tos, or more?

Get more tips here →

Using Prezly, you can add a header image and other embeds to your Instagram bio link!


Helping each other out in the PR community 👯‍♀️

A few weeks back, Mike, who was shopping around for a PR tool, took to his Twitter profile to ask his fellow PR pros firsthand what they think of Prezly. We shared his question and PR & Comms wiz from M&C Communications, Sarah Beatty, jumped in to share her experience with using Prezly, as well as some other tips for how to make the most of our tool

Hint: What not to do when you follow up with your contacts by email. 🙅🏻‍♀️


For questions or comments, feel free to email us at or start a conversation with us in our in-app chat.

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