The new Site activity dashboard, revamped Contact preview & more

The new Site activity dashboard, revamped Contact preview & more

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Site activity dashboard

The Prezly app is used for a number of different tasks centered around sites and stories on a day-to-day basis, such as publishing and distributing your latest content through targeted email campaigns. And the success of a press release or newsletter article is, oftentimes, measured based on site and story analytics, media coverage or campaign engagement.

Previously, these tasks and analytics were spread out in different areas of the app, so this is where the Site activity dashboard comes in handy, giving you an overview of a site’s performance and analytics, as well as a high-level view of all recent activity by you (and your team) related to the site! Learn more →


Revamped contact preview

Previously, a contact profile could either be previewed or expanded to a whole page. But the structure of the contact profile page was rather outdated, and the hierarchy of contact information was taking up more space, requiring more scrolling up and down the page than it should.

So, we decided to give the contact preview a makeover, giving you a contact's information in one compact space, categorizing the information under different tabs for quicker access – AND without having to expand the page for a full overview! 🙌

Also, the Created and Last updated dates can always be found at the bottom of each contact preview


Contact import optimization

A huge portion of the time used to go into validation, which is the process of turning a row in the import file into a contact that is recognizable by Prezly. Now, with quicker validation and caching tags and organization names, imports happen in up to two times the normal speed! ⚡️


We'll be right back!

It's that time of the year again, where us Prezlians take a wee break from our usual day-to-day and go on a team retreat somewhere sunnier ☀

As you may already know, we're a fully remote company and a cup of coffee + a chat in person is long overdue, so that being said, it will not be business as usual from Monday, 1 May until Friday, 5 May.

But don't worry, we won't leave you hanging! We are still available to help you through our support channel – it just means that we may be a tad slower to respond. :)

Here's a picture from last year's retreat, but you can expect the same buzzing smiles this time around!
Here's a picture from last year's retreat, but you can expect the same buzzing smiles this time around!

Our monthly roundups walk you through what's new in Prezly so you can take advantage of all the latest tips and new feature releases. Got any feedback or questions? Go all out – we want to hear it all! 👇

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