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Feature updates & highlights to ring in the New Year!

Feature updates & highlights to ring in the New Year!

From our new Contact Importer to improving the way you pay your invoices, and other small but mighty updates 🙌

January 5 2021


We gave our Contact Importer a FULL makeover

Contacts are at the center of awesome PR, which is why the Contact Importer is one of the most important features in Prezly. And we've been buzzing about it lately because we've finally given it a full revamp and then some, so we're all very excited that it is *live* for everyone.

You now have a better overview of your imports from start to finish and you can fix any invalid contact fields on the spot. Learn more about the new Contact Importer →


So, here's the backstory...

One of Prezly's users was searching for the "Email" column, but we had labelled it as "E-mail(s)" and needless to say, this search implementation didn't work as well there as we thought it would. But hey, trial and error right? :-)

Taking in this feedback, we decided to improve the way our users find and select their filters with match-highlighting. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


Invoice page

We've added a new responsive feature in your Organization Settings that allows you to click on a link to pay for your invoice. It is split into two, so you can see open or overdue invoices, as well as your previous paid invoices. Check out the new Invoices page in your account →


And here's something to be excited about early next year...

That's right! We are currently working on Story Editor improvements that will simplify the way you add and format your rich-media embeds, and you will also be able to add Coverage into your Stories.

Stay tuned. ^_^


For questions or comments, feel free to email us at or start a conversation with us in our in-app chat.

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