Exciting site updates for Prezly power users

Exciting site updates for Prezly power users

See what’s new in site settings, the site picker, and other new releases



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NEW: We've added support for TikTok

We’re in the midst of rolling out our revamped site settings pages but you can already have a sneak peek of what to expect very soon – better interaction, design and functionality.

The Site information page now displays all the languages set up for a site. Clicking on a language opens up the edit form, so you can easily update your company information in multiple languages, without having to leave the page. Oh, you can also add your company TikTok account to your site now!



NEW: Visibility and Availability

Let's say you’re creating a new site and you want to make sure that all your content is SEO-friendly before you hit publish. Now you can :) Just switch off its Visibility, finish setting up your site as normal, and when you’re ready for search engines to index it, flick Visibility to “on”. 

On the other hand, if you have a site that you want to take offline for now, but you don’t want to lose any of the content you’ve created already, then you can switch its Availability to “off”. That way, you’ll still have all the site’s content visible inside Prezly and be able to take it online s whenever you want.

Plus, our new Advanced Settings give you the option to set your sites and stories to “private” for internal use, as well as stop them from showing up in search engine results.


Learn more about sites visibility and availability →



COMING UP: Site settings – Branding 

What is currently the Look & Feel settings will soon be consolidated into one settings page: Branding, and this is definitely something to be excited about. I mean, just look at the logo previews on the right. 🤩



NEW: New look for the site picker

If you have more than one site in your account, the Site Picker allows you to switch between sites when publishing stories or updating site settings. Its new look is designed to make it easier to find, manage, and create sites.


Clicking the little gear or book icon in the site picker takes you to the site settings and stories grid respectively, making it quicker and easier to navigate.

From the Stories grid
From the Stories grid
From Site settings
From Site settings


NEW: See which sites contacts unsubscribe from

Find out the exact site your contacts have unsubscribed from with just a quick hover. This will help you figure out what content isn’t working for certain contacts, or easily resubscribe your contacts to specific sites if they opt out by accident. 

You can do it in two ways:

1. Filter your contacts by “Unsubscribed”, then hover over the red warning icon


2. Click on a contact and hover over the yellow Unsubscribed tag on the Contact Preview



FIX: Filtering by tag now shows all your tags no matter how many you have

This improvement has been in the pipeline for a while and long-awaited by *some* of our customers (if you know, you know!). Previously, the search stopped at just 25 tags even when there are more. With the new update, all your tags will show, from start to finish.


If you’re new to Prezly, then you might not see how this might help you just yet. But for those who have been using Prezly for quite some time, and have accumulated hundreds – possibly thousands 😱 – of tags, you’ll definitely notice the difference. 


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