Branding and Themes settings – previously 'Look & Feel'

Site design settings revamp, what's coming soon, and other fixes and improvements

  • REMINDER: Branding and Themes Settings
  • COMING SOON: Color picker for email components
  • NEW: Faster loading for the contact list sidebar
  • FIX: Boilerplate editor

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REMINDER: Branding and Themes Settings

Don't worry! Our Look & Feel settings did NOT disappear. They got better. :)

As a part of our total revamp of our site settings pages, we decided to turn Prezly's Look & Feel settings into Branding and Themes that fall under "Design."

Branding is where you add your logos, while Themes is where you can choose your site's layout, font, and color palette.

And in the coming months, we plan to expand on them and add more design settings.

Hint: Email campaign color picker. Scroll down for more info! ​ (◑‿◑) ↓


COMING SOON: Color picker for email components

Yes, that's right! Color settings for emails are coming soon and it will be a part of the site's design settings under Branding.

Here's a sneak peek of what to expect in Branding.


NEW: Faster loading for the contact list sidebar

There is always a ton of information we crunch before displaying them on the left sidebar of the Contacts page, such as segments, subscribed or unsubscribed, as well as bounced filters. Now, the sidebar loads much faster!


FIX: Boilerplate editor

There was a bug around the Site information part of our Site settings that didn't allow users to make or save any changes to the text in their boilerplate. It affected all accounts, but we are glad to say that it has been fixed and the boilerplate editor is up and running!

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