Adding brand identity to your newsrooms

Set up your newsroom's appearance based on your brand specifications

Once you have your newsroom up and running, it's time to match its look to your brand's aesthetics! You can do this by adding your company logos and choosing fonts, layouts, as well as a color palette for your Newsroom.

Have a look at our favorite examples of Newsrooms for some inspiration and ideas when building your newsroom.

What's covered below:

Newsroom Branding

On the Branding page, there are three different types of logos you can add to your newsroom:

  • Newsroom Logo
  • Square Logo
  • Newsroom Icon (Favicon)

💡 Pro Tip: The best way to save the image of your logo is to do it from your website. This way, it will have the exact dimensions, but it is also possible to add different-sized logos to your newsroom.

Newsroom Themes

Choosing and setting up your newsroom theme

Adjusting your newsroom color palette 

You can add the exact same colors from your brand guideline using hexadecimal values. 

Customizing your newsroom font

Select a font and font colors that conform to your corporate website. If you are on a Premium or Enterprise plan, you can import your own font using the CSS editor.

Choosing your newsroom layout

When you publicly publish stories on your newsroom, they will appear on your newsroom homepage as a list of cards. You can determine how these blocks appear using the Card style settings.

Premium+ feature: Custom CSS skin 

If you are on a Premium or Enterprise plan, you automatically have access to our CSS and JavaScript (JS) features that allow you to create your own custom CSS newsroom skin or to enhance a newsroom's design by customizing its layout, fonts, as well as the header and footer.