Favorite stories of the month: CES 2017 edition

It’s that time of the year again where innovative brands and tech geeks gather at the CES trade show to awe at the most promising consumer technology.

The perfect opportunity for us to share with you some of Prezly’s innovative clients showcasing their feats at CES 2017.

Bosch: KURI

No, it’s not a high-tech version of an Indian dish. KURI is a smart house robot with a personality. Think of it as a personal assistant for your home.

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Samsung: POWERbot

It sure sounds like a creature from the Terminator series, but don’t worry. The POWERbot is a 20 watts autonomous vacuum cleaner so powerful, you’ll never have to clean your house again. Kind of.

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Hobbico: C-me

Finally, you can get rid of that selfie stick everyone keeps teasing you about. C-me is a handy little drone that fits in the back of your pocket. Throw it into the air, and watch it become your personal flying photographer.

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