A flying car and two other stellar automotive social releases

This time in our favorite social releases roundup, we’re focussing on the automotive industry. In the spotlight this month: Volkswagen, Škoda, and AeroMobil. Guess who’s sporting a flying car!

Volkswagen’s new Beetle Dune

Volkswagen has recently launched a new crossover car: the Beetle Dune. And with a nice car comes a beautiful press release to share the news.

Check out the newsroom

Volkswagen social release
Volkswagen’s Beetle Dune social release

The release was published in their online newsroom, which they built using Prezly. Setting it up was easy. Upload logo, adjust page colors and template, and they were good to go. The only thing left was publishing stories, while Prezly took care of the formatting.

Look and feel of Volkswagen Belgium_c
The Volkswagen newsroom setup in Prezly

Škoda brings back a cult classic

To celebrate the 50th birthday of the 1000 MBX, Škoda brought it back from the dead. In this social media release, the cult car is restored to its former glory with some gorgeous high resolution images.

Check out the newsroom

Skoda social release
Škoda’s classic 1000 MBX social release

Škoda’s online newsroom is fitted with a media gallery, which allows them to share albums of high-resolution images with readers. It’s as simple as uploading the images in Prezly, the system takes care of the presentation.

Skoda media gallery
Škoda’s media gallery

AeroMobil. Flying car.

Is it car? Is it a plane? Honestly, we don’t know. Guess you could say both? What we do know is that is must be the coolest vehicle on this list. Added bonus: see the flying car in action in their video.

Check out the newsroom

AeroMobil social releases
AeroMobil’s social release featuring the flying car

Of course, the launch of a flying car has to be shared. With Prezly, it’s easy to create beautiful emails that do justice to visual social releases. It’s as simple as selecting the release from a dropdown menu.

AeroMobil email campaign
AeroMobil creating an email campaign in Prezly

Getting started with Prezly is easy. Want to see it in action for yourself? Schedule a call with one of our experts.