Product update: flexible email recipient lists

Many of our clients go to great lengths to compile custom lists of email recipients for their press releases. Until now there wasn’t a handy way to go about this in Prezly. An update we released Friday changes this.

What’s new?

Flexible contact selector

Now it’s easier to customise your contact lists when you want to send them an email campaign. Filter by keyword, type, media type, tag or language, or a combination of these, and add these people to your list.

Contact selector

Contact export

Create an Excel file of the contacts that you plan to pitch your story to. This makes it easy to report to nosy stakeholders.

Recipient list

Email campaign results export

After you’ve pitched influencers via email you might want to share the results. Now you can export an Excel file with an overview of the behaviour of your contacts.

Email campaign report

Here’s a video where I take you through the process: