3 Tips for Better Social Media Press Releases

Are your social media releases struggling to gain traction? Many companies don’t fully understand the difference between traditional and social releases, preventing them from taking full advantage of the latter.

We’ve got a few tips to help you write better social releases, but before we share them, let’s revisit the textbook definition of a social media press release and why it’s different from a traditional release:

“A social media release should contain everything necessary to share and discover a story in a way that is complementary to your original intent; but, the difference is, how they find it and the tools they use to share and broadcast. Social media is one big extension to the web, except it promotes voices, along with content, in a way that focuses on people and their social networks.”
source: The Definitive Guide to Social Media Releases, Brian Solis

With that in mind, here are three tips for creating better social media press releases:

  1. Make your release easy to share. A shareable release will, first and foremost, tell a great story, the kind your readers will want to share. Make it easy for them to share with well-placed (but not intrusive!) “Share” buttons, retweetable phrases, multimedia links and maybe even a hashtag. Remember that the social elements of your release should always enhance your storytelling, not detract from it.
  2. Use statistics to back up your story. Of course you want your release to tell a great story, but don’t forget to include a few facts to back up your statements (unless you want to set yourself up for embarrassment!). A great story will make readers want to share your release. Solid facts will make that story credible and protect you from embarrassing statistical snafus.
  3. Don’t slack on the headline. A good headline takes a lot of thought, and we know it’s tempting to spend your limited time on other things (we’ve been there!). But all the hours you devote to telling a great story, selecting the perfect videos and crafting the perfect retweetable phrases for your release won’t mean anything if your headline doesn’t grab people’s attention first.

Do you have any tips to write better social releases? Please share them in the comments.

Frederik Vincx

Frederik helps communication teams improve workflow. He is the co-founder of story management software Prezly and the publisher of the crowd-sourced PRstack catalog of 250+ PR tools.