Favorite social media newsrooms of 2016

Each year, as Prezly grows and evolves, we have the pleasure to see our clients find new and creative ways to use the tool. And 2016 has been no exception.

Below, we’ve listed the top 3 newsrooms we’ll remember from 2016.

Brussels Airlines: live stream a press conference

While video embeds from services like YouTube and Vimeo have been a basic functionality for a while now, we hadn’t really thought about live streams inside of stories. Well, the PR team at Brussels Airlines did.

What they did was simple, but effective. They created an online Prezly story for a press conference they were holding and embedded a live stream of that conference in it. After that, it was as simple as sharing their story with their stakeholders via an email. That way, everyone could access the information shared at the press conference, whether they could be physically present or not.

Check out their story

WWF: integrate Prezly from scratch

Besides a simple widget that allows you to automatically link to your most recent stories from your own website, Prezly also gives you access to your newsroom’s JSON feed. It’s basically a raw data stream of everything that appears on your newsroom.

So WWF took that stream, pulled it into their website, and turned into a beautiful, fully integrated newsroom. Definitely no small feat.

Have a look at their integrated newsroom

Mura Innovations: troll the troll

This is perhaps the funniest thing we’ve seen happen on a Prezly newsroom. When Mura Innovations, an interior design company, got trolled by a wallpaper reviewer/blogger, they decided to simply troll him back. In a loving way, of course: they made a custom wallpaper featuring none other than the reviewer’s head. Turns out he loved it, and he and Mura Innovations are now the best of friends.

Read the whole story here

Idries Al-Bender
Idries Al-Bender

Idries works at Prezly, helping clients get their story told.