Too busy for good PR? Think again.

Prezly is a tool for communications teams who want to do more. Manage your contacts, publish your stories, and distribute your content all from one place

How does Prezly work?

Manage all your contacts
Manage all your contacts

Find all your contacts and their information quickly.

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Publish your stories
Publish your stories

Create and publish your stories in stunning newsrooms.

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Deliver your news
Deliver your news

Bring your contacts and your stories together with targeted, trackable email.

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Keep all your contacts and interactions in one place
Get to know your brand’s influencers with Prezly

Enrich your contacts

Put a face on all those email addresses and create rich profiles with social handles, company information and more.

Track Engagement

Did your contacts open your emails? Did they reply? What time? Find out with Prezly to optimize your news delivery.

Escape Excel Hell

Forget clunky spreadsheets. Find, tag, and segment your contacts to save time when it’s time to deliver your news.

Contact management for communication teams
Organise and segment your contacts with Prezly’s PR software

Overview of your contacts

Easily to keep an overview of all your contacts: media, bloggers, social media influencers, board members, and employees .

Powerful filtering

The filtering and segmentation options make it a breeze to choose the right contacts to reach out to.

Keep on top of every interaction

See all your emails, calls, and notes in one tidy timeline so you know exactly what to do next.

Send irresistible emails
Reach stakeholders & get better results with beautiful emails

Beautiful multimedia emails

Catch their attention with images, videos, and social posts.

Mass communication, personalised

Send campaigns in bulk, but keep things personal with dynamic content

Track your emails

Learn the best way to approach people by seeing how they engage with your emails

Loved by journalists & bloggers

They love Prezly because they get everything they need to write their stories, including images and other media, in one convenient email

Create attractive newsrooms without an IT team
Create slick, attractive and super-functional online newsrooms

Quick and Cost-effective

Every company needs an online news hub and with Prezly you can get going immediately without writing a single line of code

Search Engine Friendly

Your stunning Prezly online newsroom is optimized to be found on search engines, and shareable on social media.

Your newsroom, your brand

Branding your newsrooms is essential so we made it really easy to set up

Communicate better together
Get more control of your communications

Share your contacts

Prezly helps your different teams and agencies collaborate. Share contacts, learn, and retain your relationship histories in one central hub.

See what your team is doing

There’s nothing worse than two people from the same company pitching the same journalist/influencer on the same day

Powerful Permissions

Define which department or region can send information to your individual channels by setting permissions or granting your agency access to a specific newsroom

Get started in minutes

Easy to use

Prezly has a beautiful and intuitive interface that keeps you focused on what you do best

For communications teams

Built and developed specifically for communications teams, not sales teams.

Support the way you want it

Talk to a person, find an article, or watch a video to get started using Prezly as quick as possible